About us

In 2006 the first LED street light series “PRO” was brought to life and in January of 2007 Fabio Facchini formed Litek Srl which as of today is still the CEO, CTO and major stock holder.

In 2008 Litek was the lead on a project that supplied LED street lighting for the first 2 round-abouts in Italy, one in the province of Rimini and the second in the province of Venice.

Lasting 4 years of preparation, from 2008-2012 for which Litek designed, tested, and realized the prototypes which were tested and accepted to requalify one of the most important cities in the world, Venice, Italy. The installation was started in 2012 of more than 10,000 Led light fixtures throughout the city center and which are still functioning today.

In 2012 Litek had its first commercial contacts in Brazil and in 2016 formed the corporation Litek Iluminacao Ltda.

In 2014 the series Modulo Universale 2.0 was born, which officially started the program named “Urban Renaissance”. This important program permits us to adapt our certified and custom LED modules to any type of existing fixture weather it is historical or modern.

In 2015 Litek expands into Mexico where it uses its Modulo Universale series to retrofit 2 of its UNESCO Heritage cities, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, also a portion of Mexico Cities street fixtures. Also in 2015 another UNESCO city the historical center of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, was refitted by Litek’s Modulo Universale.

Within the Italian national program “Consip Luce 3” Litek supplied their LED light fixtures to over 100 italian cities which include Piacenza, Cremona, Cesenatico and many others.

In 2018 with the largest investment for a single product, Litek’s 4th generation of street lighting was developed, the Fulgor 1 and Fulgor 2 series. The most innovative range of Litek’s street lights. In 2020 it enters production for the European markets and in 2021 for all US/Canada markets. They combine all the main market needs with hundreds of combinations, with performance and very competitive without equals.

In 2019 Litek had plans to enter the US market but the world pandemia put the plans on hold until 2021 when Litek Srl formed the American corporation Litek America Corp. To show its brand to the US market Litek exhibited at Lightfair in New York in October. Soon after Litek obtained the UL certification for both Fulgor series amd its Modulo Universale 2.0. Litek then was able to sign some of the most important agencies in their areas to represent our brands.

In 2021 Litek decided to create the Acorn Module retrofit for all types of existing Acorn style top posts that are considered to be the most used type of fixture in the US. This Acorn Module has the UL listing and is also patent pending.

Since Venice, Italy our first Retrofit project Litek has refitted over 250 cities worldwide with 8 of those being UNESCO Heritage cities.

In 2021-2022 Litek in producing light fixtures for 31 cities in north Italy for over 20,000 fixtures.

Waiting to see what the future holds………………